Bluebonnets abound in Texas as the state flower blooms its way onto roadsides and pasture lands, heralding the official start of Springtime.  Everywhere you look, people are clicking off photos of these Texas beauties as fast as their cameras can respond.  It is Texas tradition in the Lone Star State to welcome this beautiful season with photos of children, pets and families “planted” in the midst of these famous little bonnets, which usually wind up framed as gifts or home and office decor.

There is only one downside to this seasonal event. As God paints the landscape with all the beautiful colors of His Springtime palate, pastures of native wildflowers blanketing the diversified Texas terrain provide pollen filled skies that are sending droves of people sneezing and wheezing to their local pharmacies in an attempt to thwart off the dreaded spring allergies. But hey, this is only seasonal and  “this too shall pass”! Meanwhile, soak up all the beauty of the season.

Daylight Savings Time has allowed an extra hour of daylight in our day to enjoy more of the sights and sounds that Spring has to offer. Marking a time of new beginnings each year, everywhere you look the birds are singing like masterful choirs, constructing their respective “home nests” as they prepare to introduce their new offspring to the world. All the while, the animal kingdom explodes with all the new arrivals in each respective species, thus adding that much more flavor to the ecosystem.

As a precursor to summer, Spring Break marks the kick-off of the vacation season as students and people from all walks of life flood every possible tourist destination known to man. With more travel and lodging required, the economy begins to flourish in all areas as the last signs of winter begin to dissipate.

One of my favorite memories about the arrival of Spring was preparing and planting a vegetable garden. As a child, my parents always planted such a garden each year that sprawled over a half acre of land… large enough to feed the world (or so I thought).  They would plant every vegetable imaginable and would always share the summer harvest with others. In years gone by, I also followed suite and enjoyed both planting and harvesting such a garden.  Space restrictions no longer allow me that joy, but I still manage to plant some summer squash and wonderful tomatoes each spring and reminisce of days gone by as I take each scrumptious bite. There’s nothing better that fresh organic veggies out of the garden for those that share my love.

No matter what your “Springtime” love entails, I wish you a joyous spring season with all the trimmings. Until next month…keep a “spring” in your step and a song in your heart!

And by the way…What is your favorite season of the year?

Blessings from my heart to yours,